Previous Debs Challenge

This portion of the challenge is hosted by Swapna of S. Krishna’s Books.


What’s the goal of this challenge?

The goal is to read books by Debutantes, both of the current year and previous years.  You can pick any books off of the list of Debutante Ball Books.  You don’t need to publish a list of the books you’re going to read in advance.

How many books will I be reading for this challenge?

There are 4 different levels for the Previous Debs Challenge: 2 books, 4 books, 6 books, and 8 books.

Can I enter both this challenge and the 2010 Deb Challenge?

Yes, absolutely!  In fact, we’re hoping you will do just that!

Are books I read for this challenge eligible for other challenges?

Yes, with one exception:  if you’re participating in both Deb Ball Challenges, then books you read from the 2010 Debs are not eligible for the Previous Debs Challenge.

How do I enter?

On December 1, 2009, we will post a Mr. Linky, which is where you can sign up.  Please make sure that it links to your sign-up post, and not your main homepage!

I don’t have a blog.  Can I still participate?

Certainly!  You can add your thoughts on the books you read in the comments of designated posts.


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